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MA808 Maraca
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Pre-order now, estimated in stock: 8/22/14. Very simple maraca with an attack and a level parameter. Additionally there's a adjustable Accent CV input which is normalized to the gate input. A socket carries the white noise signal as used in the 808. ... more info
Octatrack Digital Sampler / Sequencer
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Demo unit. Nice, clean condition. Includes USB cable, Compact 4GB Flash Card, Power Supply
EP-2 Expression Pedal
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Open box unit, new condition!
Sawtooth Animator - MOTM
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Turn the sound of one lone oscillator into seven! (Your ear or an oscilloscope simply can't tell the difference between this module and a whole rack of seven VCOs tuned in unison!) This amazing Bernie Hutchins circuit has been admired by Designers ... more info
Atomic Subharmonic
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Available in: Wave Purple, Lime Green, Teal, Hot Pink, and Black. Please specify which color you would like! Features include: Subharmonic synthesis that dramatically outperforms the competition. Foundation shaking, clear and full sub bass. ... more info
H9 Core
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H9 Core includes pristine pitch and delay effects from the original Harmonizer studio processors, H910 and H949. It features a simple, one-knob user interface and also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPods, iPhones and iPads for creating and ... more info
Short Bus V2
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The Short Bus is a seven input OR combiner. Aside from its new facelift (.060" powder coated steel panel) it has newly upgraded toggle switches which allow you to easily select one of three options, two dedicated bus outputs (labeled A and B) or you ... more info
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The SubMix is an improved concept over the original SubMix7. I wanted more room to play around with the mixer in live situations. It now has 12 active inputs, with linear attenuators, allowing the user to have up to 7 different mix outputs. There ... more info
Ibanez vintage TS-808 Tube Screamer
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This vintage Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer is so amazingly clean that it looks like a reissue. Beautiful!!
DigiTech (DOD) PDS 2000 Digital Sampler pedal
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DOD DigiTech PDS 2000 Digital Sampler pedal from the 1980's. It's in great working condition and looks fine, unless you're real picky. :) From Tonereport: Released in the '80s, the PDS 2000 might be called the harbinger of the Line 6 DL4. It ... more info
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