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Circadian Rhythms
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The Circadian Rhythms is moving modular synthesizer technology another step forward by gluing all the pieces of a system together. Each module or voice can now be programmed to play straight from an intelligent, eight-channel, 512-step master ... more info
Limited first run sold out, but new shipment will be coming in a few weeks. Description from Metasonix: It will blow your ass off. The D-2000 is an all-new design, based on our previous drum-sound simulation circuits. Unlike the previous D-1000, ... more info
TimeFactor (Demo Unit)
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Serial# TF-06744
MS-20M Kit + SQ-1
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MONOPHONIC SYNTHESIZER MODULE KIT w/ SEQUENCER The evolution of the MS-20, delivering even more powerful synthesis. A module that you assemble, with a step sequencer included. The classic MS-20 analog synthesizer that appeared in 1978 has been ... more info
ARP Odyssey
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Forty years later, a complete revival. The legendary analog synthesizer that transformed its age. The ARP Odyssey was an analog synthesizer originally produced in 1972 by the American manufacturer ARP Instruments, Inc. that quickly garnered a ... more info
SISM: Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler
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The SISM is a 4-channel voltage manipulator that can scale, invert, attenuate, shift (dc offset), mix, split, and slice your CV and audio signals. A plethora of red and blue LEDs (14) show exactly what each channel and output jack is doing: red = ... more info
Quad Pingable LFO kit
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Contains all the parts needed to build a QPLFO (Quad Pingable LFO) in Eurorack format.
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IN STOCK! Mixer, offset, attenuverter Shades provides 3 channels of audio/CV processing which can be configured either as active attenuators or as attenuverters. A bicolor LED monitors the polarity and intensity of the audio or CV signal on each ... more info
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IN STOCK! A Bernoulli gate takes a logic signal (trigger or gate) as an input, and routes it to either of its two outputs according to a random coin toss. The knob controls how fair the coin toss is – with the knob in minimal position, the first ... more info
Nano Rand
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Nano Rand is a sample and hold, noise source, and random voltage generator in 4 HP. It takes inspiration from and improves upon the analog concept of a random voltage module; moving forward in leaps and bounds into the digital domain. At its­ core ... more info
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