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GL-1A Glass-A Triode Buffer
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Glass-A Triode Buffer The Glass-A™ model GL-1A triode buffer is specially designed to do just one thing very, very well – buffer the output signal from a musical instrument fitted with a high impedance pickups or transducer. The Glass-A buffers the ... more info
Prophet-6 Desktop
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IN STOCK! Vintage Analog Sound — Small Enough to Fit in a Backpack The Prophet-6 desktop module is every bit as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart, the Prophet-6 Keyboard. The module has all of the same controls as the keyboard version and ... more info
Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller
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The Sputnik Modular Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller includes 29 keys, up to 4 voices and the following features: CONTROL PER KEY 1v/oct “Pressure” CV (measured surface amount) Gate CV ARPEGGIATOR Internal and External sync switch Up, Down, and ... more info
Dual Oscillator
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The Sputnik Dual Oscillator is 100% analog with both generators tracking v/oct, includes a timbre waveshaper plus harmonic dial, two FM inputs, 6 outputs including “Final” out, unipolar CV out and a modulation bus that allows for immediate and ... more info
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Pre-order now to reserve, modules arriving mid-December. Overview: Evolved from the oscillator mixing section of Mutable Instruments’ desktop hybrid synths, Warps is designed to blend and combine two audio signals. A variety of wave-shaping and ... more info
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A USB hub tailored for Overbridge Made for Overbridge Overhub is the ideal USB hub solution for Overbridge enabled units. Connect up to 7 units to a single host computer for maximum productivity. A USB hub for the modern studio Naturally, Overhub ... more info
CV Processor
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The SPUTNIK CV PROCESSOR is a multi-functional module for manipulating Eurorack control signals. It can sum, invert, attenuate, amplify control voltages, also it can add offset to CV or crossfade between two CVs. Audio signals may be processed same ... more info
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The SELECTOR is a 4 in 1 out sequential switch and includes the following features: 4 inputs with LEDs (lit when active) 2-4 step selector switch Up, down and random selector switch Holding Trigger and Reset buttons for 3 seconds replaces “up” mode ... more info
5-Step Voltage Source
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The 5-Step Voltage Source is a full featured sequencer and voltage source for the Sputnik Modular system. Pulser Control: “Trig. In” to trigger Pulser “Pulser” controls rate of pulses fired between .002 and 10 sec and the amount of pulses can be ... more info
Valve Multiplier
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The VALVE MULTIPLIER features: 6 total inputs that can also be used as 6 VCA’s Inputs are normalled sequentially with buffers Inputs 1 and 2 include exponential CV inputs Inputs 3-6 include linear CV inputs Manual attenuator Inputs are normalled to ... more info
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