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Nano Rand
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Nano Rand is a sample and hold, noise source, and random voltage generator in 4 HP. It takes inspiration from and improves upon the analog concept of a random voltage module; moving forward in leaps and bounds into the digital domain. At its­ core ... more info
Blackbox Ultraviolet Fuzz (N.O.S.)
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Blackbox Electronics pedals have been out of production since around 2008. Ooh Laa Laa bought them out and changed the design. This is a brand new (N.O.S.), hand-painted Ultraviolet Fuzz that we never sold, still in its original box with instruction ... more info
OCD V2 (s/n 2981) N.O.S.
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Brand new in the box (N.O.S) Fulltone OCD, serial number 2981. Never opened, never sold.
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This is a like new pedal that was made in 2004 by Metasonix, serial #86 of only 100 made. Taken from Metasonix.com: WHAT IT IS, HA HA HA The Agonizer is basically two vacuum tubes and a neon lamp, plus a fairly complex power supply. There is nothing ... more info
Extended control for TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius. Want to unlock the full functionality of TimeLine’s looper? Or discover a new means of exploring presets on TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius? Connect MultiSwitch to your TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius with ... more info
Volca Sample
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The new volca lets you recapture the excitement of the first generation of samplers, in which any sound — vocals, spoken words, ambient sound, or glitches — becomes material for your creations! A fun to use sequencer with superb improvisatory ... more info
MINI M4000D Digital Mellotron (BLACK)
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In stock (ship within US only). The Mellotron MINI is essentially the M4000D in a smaller, lighter package. It is ideal for traveling musicians or if you have limited space in your studio. The MINI has the same 24-bit digital, uncompressed audio ... more info
6-Channel Stereo Mixer
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SPUTNIK 6-CHANNEL STEREO MIXER provides pristine stereo outputs as well as CV controllable panning. Full feature set includes: 6 total inputs with mute switches and volume control on each channel Panning knobs for channels 2-4 Channels 1 and 6 ... more info
Electribe 2
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Approximately 10 years after the Electribe MX first went on sale in 2003, Korg introduces a long-awaited update that's designed to be simple and easy for the beginner to understand, and even more enjoyable than ever for existing users. The Korg ... more info
When the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer appeared in 1978, it had a trusted partner in the SQ-10 step sequencer. Now, after thirty years, the MS-20 has been reborn as the MS-20 mini, and the SQ-10 has evolved into the more modern SQ-1. The SQ-1 is ... more info
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